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The word Yoga means 'self-concentration with a view to see the soul as it looks when it is abstracted from mind and matter.'

Patanjali says in his Yoga Sastra that when the soul is freed from distraction, ignorance, and doubt, it stands face to face with God and is blessed with the vision of the All-holy. 

Thus it is quite clear that the object of the Yoga Darsana is to teach us how the eye of the soul may be opened so that we can see our God, through whose grace we are able to escape the miseries that are due to ignorance. 

The fruit of God-vision is perfection. Man can only be saved by Yoga, that is by the conscious union of finite souls with the Infinite through the clear recognition on the part of the former of the essential kinship of both. 

This recognition may be obtained in various ways, either by dedicating all the fruits of our work to God - this way is called the Karma Yoga - or by the absolute surrender of all our hopes and aspirations, and our self also, to God, in the belief that His grace is our highest good. This is called Bhakti Yoga, or the realisation of God through love and devotion. 

The highest form of Yoga is called Jnana Yoga, in which the finite soul does not see itself except as in-filled by, and identical with, the Absolute God. 

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