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Jnana  Yoga
Swami Abhedananda

Jnana Yoga is another method. It is the path of right knowledge and discrimination (between good and bad, etc.) 

This is for those who are intellectual, discriminative, and of a philosophical nature. Thus we can see in some slight degree how universal is the scope of Vedanta. It also explains the fundamental principles of spiritualism; tells us how the soul exists after death and under what conditions; what  kind of souls can communicate with us, and what becomes of them afterwards; how the earth-bound souls, being subject to the law of karma or causation, reincarnate on this earth, taking life forms again and again. 

It explains the science of souls.

The religion of Vedanta accepts the teachings of all the great spiritual teachers of the world, recognizes them as Incarnations of the Divine Spirit, and has room for those who are yet to come for the good of humanity - as stated in Hindu holy texts thousands of years ago.

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