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Meditation Tips
Swami Trigunatita 

We are expected to know and realize that our lessons, our culture and practice, must be of very intense nature else we cannot expect results. A light practice does not do. Whatever worship we offer to God we must offer intensely. In physical culture, in the practice of worldly affairs it takes so much energy to gain a little result; so much strength and energy incessantly applied in singing or the daily piano practice. How much more is necessary for spiritual ends! 

To discipline the fingers requires so much - to discipline the mind so much more. A little attention, a little lesson, a little practice, will not gain the attainment of the Truth. Our life must be given to attain It. Do we realize that? And we indulge the old habit - if the mind does not like to meditate we cannot. In business affairs it is not so: we have to do things whether we like to or not. 

Our lesson is on Discrimination. Where do we spend our energy? If that mind does not want to meditate we must kill that mind (thought). If we have any aspiration to attain the Truth, we must discriminate what we do - how much to do - and what not. We must realize our responsibility. Meditation gives rise to all our latent powers. But we have not really determined our purpose. We have not shown the whip to the mind; we never did. The mind will obey if we insist. We have never tried properly. We are slaves to the mind - we never ask it to do our will. Why does it dislike to meditate? 

Why create headaches or complain of lack of time? Deceitful is not even a fit name for us. We want to know the Self? We want to know our own comforts for the body. We do nothing else from morning to night. What have we been doing all these years? No result, or if result we are growing in willfulness, disobedience, negligence. It is the most wonderful thing in God's creation that we do not do our proper duty. We cannot explain our misconduct - we make so many excuses. Not to be able to make our discrimination, our will power strong, is stranger than all other laws of Nature. Simply reading and studying will not be enough. It is not a university, where you just come and study. To make a determination is not hard for anyone who really wants. The body and environments will not hinder if we are sincere.

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Meditation, How To Meditate, Contemplation, Mind Body Spirit Soul, Using The Mind, Brain Power, Wisdom ...