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The Hindus have really no such word as religion. The word has no synonym in Sanskrit. Our word is Dharma. Dharma includes far more than  religion. It is really the inner Law of Being, and  applies to everything in the universe as well as  mankind. Thus the dharma of fire is heat; the dharma  of water is coolness; the dharma of honey is sweetness. The dharma of the scholar is to know; the dharma of the singer is to sing. Man's dharma, then, is his Ideal. It is the evolution of his character. 

Through this idea of dharma, the Hindu gradually has built up a complete system of spiritual culture. The Hindus have never separated life from  religion or religion from life. The two are so intermingled that we may not know where one melts into the other. It is like the question, 'whether the seed precedes the tree or the tree the seed.' 

Worship of the Supreme, reverence for gods and holy men, reverence for parents, the doing of some kind deed every day to other human beings—most often the giving of food; kindness to animals. These are really love of God and love of man, or rather of all living things.

Hindu wisdom points out the chief paths to the realization of God.

The paths are called Karma or the path of action, Jnana (Jhana) or the path of knowledge Bhakti or the path of devotion, Raja (meditation, contemplation).

The Hindu worships God under various names and various images, but these are all the expression or manifestation of God as he appears to His particular devotee.

God is One and the same, His expressions manifold and varied. “He is One, sages call Him by many names.”

Thus for more than 5000 years the Hindus have been realizing their ideals through the various paths of the heart, the mind, the soul.

Hinduism, Harendranath Maitra

"The doctrine of Bhakti — devotion consisting of Shraddha, faith; Upasana, contemplation; Stuti, praise; and Prarthana, prayer — was most clearly enunciated in the Bhagavad Gita, or Song Celestial, a work of singular fascination and beauty" Herbert Baynes 1889

Bhakti is intense love for God (or the Ideal); getting which, man becomes perfect, immortal and satisfied for ever; getting which, man desires no more, does not be come jealous of anything, does not take pleasure in vanities; knowing which, man becomes filled with spirituality, becomes calm and finds pleasure only in God. . . . Narada gives these as the signs of love: When all thoughts, all words, and all deeds are given up unto the Lord, and the least forgetfulness of God makes one intensely miserable, then love has begun. Narada Bhakti Sutras

Hare Krishna Mantra

Gayatri Mantra

From " The Song Celestial" - Bhagavad Gita

Ancient Hindu Wisdom

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Aspects of Hinduism. Mind Body Spirit Soul. Prayers and Healing. Community Outreach ...