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The Pain of Self-Indulgence

Parables of Gautama Buddha 

While Lord Buddha was preaching one day, a man of great wealth came to him and said: 

"Lord, forgive me that I do not prostrate before you with proper reverence; but I suffer miserably  from obesity, drowsiness, excessive lethargy and other complaints, which make it impossible for me to move with out pain." 

Buddha, observing the luxuries with which the man was surrounded, asked him: "Have you a desire to know the real cause of your unhappy state?" The man assented and Buddha continued: 

"There are five things which produce the conditions from which you suffer: opulent dinners, love of sleep, love of pleasure, thoughtlessness and lack of occupation. Begin to exercise control at your meals, and take upon yourself some occupation which will employ your abilities and make you useful to your fellow-men. In doing this you will prolong your life." 

The wealthy man obeyed the words of the Enlightened One, and having regained his lightness of body and buoyancy of mind, he returned to Buddha afoot and without attendants. "Master," he said, "you have cured my bodily ailments, I come now to seek the enlightenment of my mind." 

And the Blessed One said, "The worldly one nourishes his body, but the wise one nourishes his soul. He who indulges in the satisfaction of his appetites works his own destruction; but he who walks in the path of self-discipline will not only gain salvation from sin, but prolong his life."

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