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The desire to live for the enjoyment of self entangles us in the net of sorrow. Pleasures are the bait and the result is pain. 

Blissful is freedom from malice. Blissful is absence of lust and the loss of all pride that comes from the thought "I am." 

The restless busy nature of the world, this, I declare, is at the root of pain. Attain that composure of mind which is resting in the peace of immortality. This ego is but a heap of composite qualities and its world is empty like a fantasy.

Whatsoever is created will be dissolved again. All worry about the self is vain; the ego is like a mirage and all the tribulations that touch it will pass away. They will vanish like a nightmare when the sleeper awakes. 

He who has awakened is freed from fear; he has be come Buddha; he knows the vanity of all his cares, his ambitions, and also of his pains. 

Happy is he who has overcome all selfishness; happy is he who has attained peace; happy is he who has found the truth.

All that we are is the result of what we have thought: it is founded on our thoughts, it is made up of our thoughts. Buddha

The Truth is a living power for Good, indestructible and invincible. Those who fail to aspire for the Truth have missed the purpose of life. Hold fast to the Truth as a lamp. Seek salvation alone in Truth. Trust in the Truth. Have faith in the Truth and live it. Buddha

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