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Indian Wisdom and Sayings of Bhartrihari originally in Sanskrit

Those who possess not wisdom, contrition, generosity, knowledge, good temper, virtue, or uprightness, may take the shape of men while they live among us, but they travel through life nevertheless like beasts that encumber the ground.

Whatever fate has prescribed for each man in this life, that shall be his portion, great or small. Rain pours from the cloud day by day, filling all things, but only a few tiny drops may fall on the flower.

When it happens that sages, whose words are enriched with beautiful thoughts from the shastras, and who convey their sacred learning to their pupils, are compelled to dwell in poverty, then the princes of whom they are subjects must be accused of foolishness, and these sages, however poor they may be, are the real wiser rulers.

Despise not the wise men who have reached a knowledge of the Truth. They cannot be influenced by money, for wealth to them is but as grass.

A king is brought to ruin by evil counsellors; a child by being spoilt; good manners by bad habits; modesty by alcoholic drink; friendship by want of love.

In many ways we find that evil-disposed persons misrepresent the virtues of the good.

The mighty earth, when trodden on by the feet of a single hero, is illuminated by his glory as by the rays of the sun.

Perfect indeed is the joy of those men whose minds are awakened to the happiness of contentment, but unceasing is the desire of those who cannot resist their greed for riches. 

Day by day a portion of our life glides away from us with the rising and setting of the sun, and we think our business of so much importance that we can pay no attention to flight of time.

Time never grows old, but our lives pass away.

Ignorance will lead the moth to fly into the flame of the candle, and the fish may nibble at a piece of meat fastened to a hook without being aware of the bait prepared for them; but we men who know thoroughly the many traps and snares that fortune has set for us nevertheless refuse to give up our desires. Ah, in what a forest of error do we wander!

Innumerable rulers have quarrelled with one another, and still continue to quarrel, for the possession of worldly enjoyments, and kings still retain a feeling of pride for their dominions. The foolishness of those who own the earth leads them to manifest unmistakable delight in the acquirement of the most minute particle, while they ought, on the contrary, to exhibit the most profound sorrow.

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