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"He who works with diligence will never go hungry; he who meditates will never commit any harm; he who is vigilant will never feel fear; he who knows when to speak and when to remain silent will never be drawn into a quarrel."

"Truth is our mother, justice our father, pity our wife, respect for others our friend, clemency our children. Surrounded by such relatives we have nothing to fear."

"It's easier to snatch a pearl from the jaws of a shark or to twist an angry serpent round one's neck like a garland of flowers without danger than it is to make an ignorant and obstinate person change his ideas."

"The pursuit of knowledge is troublesome at first, but knowledge is a source of great delight when it is acquired."

Abbe J A Dubois (translated by)

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There can be but one kind of (Supreme Reality), as one ocean, the different names given to it indicating our partial conceptions or distinctions (or understanding) belonging to the thinker's mind, not to the (Supreme Reality). Theodore Parker

On social engineering:-

The result of this theory is to furnish every oppressor with an argument to calm the qualms of conscience, and men are not lacking, who, posing as philosophers and politicians, want to kill out all 'wicked and incompetent persons' (they are, of course, the only judges of competency - they are indeed the evil ones), and thus preserve the human race! Ignorance! Swami Vivekananda

The devil can and indeed does quote the scriptures for its own purposes; and thus the way of knowledge appears to offer justification to what the bad man does as much as it offers inducements to what the good man does. Swami Vivekananda

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Indian Wisdom, Universal Wisdom, Sayings and Quotes. Mind Body Spirit Soul. Prayers and Healing ...