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Swami Vivekananda

"When man is likely to forget his divine nature, through his growing dependence on matter, and is likely to be reduced to a mere money-making machine, an adjustment is necessary. ... a nation which is great in the possession of material powers thinks that that is all that is to be coveted, that that is all that is meant by progress, that that is all that is meant by civilization, and if there are other nations which do not care to possess, and do not possess these powers, they are not fit to live, their whole existence is useless. On the other hand, another nation may think that mere material civilization is utterly useless."

"If those whose eyes have been blinded by the glamor of material things, whose whole dedication of life is to eating and drinking and enjoying, whose whole ideal of possession is lands and gold, whose whole ideal of pleasure is in the sensations, whose god is money, and whose goal is a life of ease and comfort in this world, and death after that, whose minds never look forward, and who rarely think of anything higher than the sense objects in the midst of which they live, if such as these go to India, what do they see? Poverty, squalor, superstition, darkness, hideousness every where. Why? Because in their minds enlightenment means dress, education, social politeness. 

There [India, Bharat] lives the only race in the world which, in the whole history of humanity, never went beyond their frontiers to conquer anyone, who never coveted that which belonged to anyone else. ...

Therein lies the strength that has made them invincible through hundreds of years of oppression and foreign invasions, and foreign tyranny.  ... in that nation even in the days of the direst disaster, spiritual giants have never failed to arise." 

"Did not the conqueror, the man who demonstrated his religion with sword and gun, say that all the old ways were mere superstition and idolatry?

Instead of throwing away superstition and making a real search after truth, the test of truth became " What does the West say?" The priests must go, the Vedas must be burned, because the West has said so.

In and around these masses of superstition are nuggets of gold and truth. Have you discovered means by which to keep that gold alone, without any of the dross? 

What is your motive? Are you sure that you are not actuated by greed for gold, by thirst for fame, or power? Are you really sure that you can stand to your ideals, and work on, even if the whole world wants to crush you down?"

"[Our] ancient books and scriptures are the writings of persons who came into direct contact with spiritual facts. These books were not written for the intellect, nor can any reasoning understand them, because they have been written by men who have seen the things of which they write, and they can be understood only by men who have raised themselves to the same height."

"Religion cannot live in sects and societies. It is the relation between the soul and God; how can it be made into a society? ... Religion consists in realization."

"As different rivers, taking their start from different mountains, running crooked or straight, all come and mingle their waters in the ocean, so the different sects, with their different points of view, at last all come unto Thee." 

"I do not understand how people declare themselves to be believers in God, and at the same time think that God has handed over to a little body of men all truth, and that they are the guardians of the rest of humanity. Do not try to disturb the faith of any man. If you can give him something better, if you can get hold of a man where he stands and give him a push upwards, do so, but do not destroy what he has. ... All these negative, breaking-down, destructive teachers that are in the world can never do any good."

"Nowhere is it said in the Vedas that man is born a sinner."

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