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Swami Vivekananda

Abhaya - Fearlessness
Abhava - Bereft of quality
Abheda - Non-separateness; sameness; without distinction
Abhidhya - Not coveting others' goods, not thinking vain thoughts, not brooding over injuries received from others
Abhimana - Pride
Abhinivesa - Attachment to life
Acharya - Great spiritual teacher
Adarsa - A mirror, a term used to denote the finer power of vision developed by the Yogi
Adhidaivika - Supernatural
Adhikari - One qualified as a seeker of wisdom
Aditi - The infinite, the goddess of the sky
Aditya - The Sun
Adityas - Twelve planetary spirits
Adharma - Absence of virtue; unrighteousness
Adrogha - Not injuring.
Adrogha-Vak - One who does not harm others even by words
Adhyasa - Reflection, as the crystal reflects the color of the object before it. Superimposition of qualities of one object over another
Agni - The god of fire. Later, the Supreme God of the Vedas
Aham - "I"
Aham-Brahmasmi - "I am Brahman"
Ahamkara - Egoism
Ahara - Gathering in - as food to support the body or the mind
Ahimsa - Non-injuring in thought, word, or deed
Ajna - The sixth lotos of the Yogis, corresponding to a nerve-centre in the brain, behind the eyebrows. Divine perception
Ajnata - One who has attained divine wisdom
Akasa - The all-pervading material of the universe
Akhanda-Satchidananda - "The undivided Existence-Knowledge-Bliss Absolute"
Ananda - Bliss
Anavasada - Cheerfulness, not becoming dejected. Strength, both mental and physical
Anubhava - Realization
Arupa - Without form
Atman - The Eternal Self
Avatara - A Divine Incarnation


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India, Secrets and Wisdom, Sanskrit - English. Self Development. Swami Vivekananda. Complementary Therapy Clinics ...