Soft drinks NOT suitable for vegetarians ...

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>As some strict vegetarians avoid fish products altogether it is important to note that some products contain minute traces of fish gelatine, which is used as a stabiliser for the beta-carotene colour.
>These products are:

> " 'Lilt' pineapple & grapefruit
> " 'Lilt' Zero pineapple & grapefruit
> " 'Kia-Ora' Orange Squash and NAS
> " 'Powerade' Orange
> " 'Minute Maid' Orange & Passion Fruit
> " 'Schweppes' Deuce NAS Orange & Guava
> " 'Relentless' Inferno

> Consumer Information Centre
> Coca-Cola Great Britain

Editors Note: We are awaiting clarification regarding Fanta

For other soft drinks and brands, check directly with the relevant manufacturers. Note what they say carefully - and what they DON'T say. For instance, if they say they don't use "mammal" extracts or by-products, do they use any other animal extracts or by-products? Do they use colours or preservatives that may not be suitable for vegetarians? E120 (cochineal) crimson coloured dye carmine is made from crushed insects (used for food colouring and for cosmetics).

Soft Drinks - Cola Warning 2

Soft Drinks - Cola Warning 1

What about Bread? Veg or Non-Veg?

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Soft drinks NOT suitable for vegetarians ... - Concise