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Real Bread Campaign has attempted to discover whether bakers are using enzymes of animal in baking or processing bread. It is claimed that as the enzymes are destroyed in the baking process, they don't need to be listed in the ingredients. Where such process is used, the bread should NOT be labeled as 'suitable for vegetarains'.

Bakers should come out clean and state whether their bread is 100% vegetarian. If they have used animal ingredients at any stage, including in the baking process, they should disclose this to their customers.

Read the allegations AND the replies:-

"I can confirm that all Warburtons products are 100% suitable for vegetarians, but because we use dairy ingredients in our bakeries we tend not to promote their suitability for vegans. The dairy ingredients we use are milk, butter and in the case of our pancakes we use egg.

I can confirm that we do not use any processing aids in any of our products that would make our bread unsuitable for vegetarians."
- Warburtons

"Yes we do use processing aids, any processing aids that are used do not come from animal ingredients and are plant derived. No animal products are used in our bread other than the Kingsmill 50/50 with omega 3 which contains traces of fish oil." Allied Bakeries (Kingsmill)

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Bread - Is it really suitable for vegetarians even when it has the vegetarian label? ... - Concise