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"He is not only the greatest man in India, he is the greatest man on earth today." Rabindranath Tagore

"Generations to come will scarcely believe that such a one as this [Mahatma Gandhi] ever in flesh and blood walked upon this earth." Albert Einstein

"As I look back at the things I recall most vividly about Gandhi, I find myself impatient of those pygmy minds which have so often employed themselves in finding flaws and inconsistencies in his life. The greatness of the man and the circumstances in which he lived subjected him to a scrutiny from which most of us are mercifully preserved, not merely because so little of our lives is really known, but because even less is worth anybody's attention. With Bapu I soon realised that nothing he did was unobserved, and very little that was observed was unrecorded. Can we wonder if we find imperfection when every momentary weakness or forgetfulness is faithfully placed upon record? Yet before the searchlight of history and the microscope of biography this man stood unafraid, asking no mercy, exposing every weakness in himself to pitiless publicity. Not only so-for, in addition to the truth, he had to face a truly phenomenal barrage of misquotation, misrepresentation and plain, downright lying. ...

There can scarcely have been another man living who could have stood up to all this and survived the ridicule of mankind. Gandhi had more of that than any man in our time. And then the laughter died suddenly, with three shots from a revolver at Delhi, and we were all ashamed."  "When Gandjiji fell, he was heard to utter, 'Hare Ram'" - Reginald Reynolds

"It is astonishing, in view of the evidence of contemporary British writers that the popular, one sided version of this struggle is still that which is commonly taught in British schools." - Reginald Reynolds

“I frankly confess, although it deeply grieves me to say it, that I see in Mr. Gandhi, the patient sufferer for the cause of righteousness and mercy, a truer representative of the crucified Savior than the men who have thrown him into prison and yet call themselves by the name of Christ.” The English Bishop of Madras quoted by Savel Zimand

"It must be admitted that his (Gandhi's) method of non-violence has contributed to the advance of self-sacrifice and self-respect in India. It is the message of the great peace apostle standing out in disparity against imperial army and law and civil establishment. When I left this creator of a nation's destiny it was with the awestruck feeling of having talked to the man whose word is the mightiest spiritual force in the world today." Savel Zimand, 1928

"Future generations will recognize in Gandhi one of the greatest spiritual forces of all times." Haridas Thakordas Muzumdar

"A few petty minded individuals branded Gandhi 'the half naked fakir'. History proved that they were in fact naked morally and spiritually - Gandhi was the Enlightened One."

"He (Gandhiji) is the very embodiment of the Spirit of Truth, Purity and Love. ... He is the incarnation of moral energy." Verrier Elwin 

"Non-violence is the natural creed of India, the home of religion, of toleration, of gentleness. It is woven into the fabric of her national idealism."  Verrier Elwin

"What Gandhi has done is to reaffirm [non-violence], against the drift of Western example and teaching. India believed in it, while our forefathers were still barbarians. [Gandhi] dares to preach that [India] can triumph by adopting in its struggle the ancient Hindoo tactic." Henry Noel Brailsford 

"One smiles at the notion that the King-Emperor can be unseated by boiling sea water in a kettle." (referring to the salt march)
Henry Noel Brailsford

"By dint of ceaseless effort he [Gandhi] had come so close to the karma-yoga (the way to God through selfless action in the world) that he almost became a part of the Gita in the end." Vincent Sheean

"What counts most of all for us of the West is what hold Gandhi (and India) had of the truth or of a truth, how much of this can help us in our extremity, and what possible alternative may be offered to the sterile and self-destructive rush of our materialism."
Vincent Sheean

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Mahatma Gandhi - The greatness of the man. Mind Body Spirit Soul