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Pranic Healing - Reiki Practitioners will recognise some of the principles from this Ancient Indian Healing method - unfortunately, a lot of the knowledge was lost or deliberately destroyed over the last few centuries.

"Prana is the force underlying magnetic healing, much of mental healing, absent treatment (remote healing), etc. It (Prana, universal energy) may be directed toward relieving pain in one's self and others by sending to the affected part. It may be projected to a distance so as to affect (heal) other persons." 

"The seven principles as known to Yogi philosophy, English translations substituted for Sanskrit words:

7. Spirit (the Divine Spark, Cosmic Consciousness)
6. Spiritual-Mind (some call this the superconscious mind)
5. Intellect (the conscious mind)
4. Instinctive-Mind (the subconscious mind)
3. Prana, or Vital Force (universal energy)
2. Astral Body
1. Physical Body"

Yogi Ramacharaka

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