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NARADA BHAKTI SUTRAS - From the Sanskrit Translation By Swami Vivekananda

1. The nature of love is inexpressible. 

2. As the dumb man cannot express what he tastes, but his actions betray his feelings, so man cannot express this love in 
words, but his actions betray it. 

3. In some "vessels" it is expressed. 

4. Beyond all qualities, all desires, ever increasing, unbroken, finest perception is love. 

5. When a man gets this love he sees love everywhere, he hears love everywhere, he talks love everywhere, he thinks 
love everywhere. 

6. According to the qualities or conditions, this love manifests itself differently: 

7. The qualities are:—"Tamas" (dullness, heaviness), "rajas" (restlessness, activity), "sattva" (serenity, purity); and the conditions are:—"Arta" (sickness), "artati" (wanting something), "jynasa" (searching truth), "gnani" (knower). 

8. Of these the latter are higher than the preceding ones. 

9. Bhakti is the easiest way of worship. 

10. It is its own proof and does not require any other. 

11. Its nature is peace and perfect bliss. 

12. Bhakti never seeks to injure any one or anything, not even the popular modes of worship. 

13. Conversation about lust, or doubt of God, or about one's enemies must not be listened to. 

14. Egotism, pride, etc., must be given up. 

15. If those passions cannot be controlled, place them upon God, and place all your actions on Him. 

16. Merging the trinity of Love, Lover and Beloved, worship God as His eternal servant, His eternal bride,—thus love is to be made unto God. 

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1. That love is highest which is concentrated upon God. 

2. When such speak of God, their voices stick in their throats, they cry and weep, and it is they who give holy places their holiness; they make good works, good books better, be cause they are permeated with God. 

3. When a man loves God so much, his fore-fathers rejoice, the gods dance, and the earth gets a Master! 

4. To such lovers there is no difference of caste, gender, knowledge, form, birth or wealth. 

5. Because they are all God's. 

6. Arguments are to be avoided; 

7. Because there is no end to them and they lead to no satisfactory result. 

8. Read books treating of this love and do deeds which increase it. 

9. Giving up all desires of pleasure and pain, gain and loss, worship God day and night. Not a moment is to be spent in 

10. "Ahimsa" (not killing), truthfulness, purity, mercy and godliness are always to be kept. 

11. Giving up all other thoughts, the whole mind day and night worships God. Thus being worshipped day and night, He reveals Himself and makes His worshippers feel Him. 

12. In past, present and future, Love is greatest

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