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The greatest name man ever gave to God is Truth. Truth is the fruit of realization, therefore seek it within the soul. Get away from all books and forms and let your soul see its Self. Swami Vivekananda

"Religion covers all life. It fills all thought. It governs all acts. It regulates all movements. So complete a possession of a man's whole being by religion as is common in India can only be found among the rare mystic saints of other lands. Witness the indescribable sufferings of the millions of devotees on year-long pilgrimages to sacred shrines, the life-long vigils and absorbed contemplations of tens of thousands of ascetics. But above all note the unfailing ceremonies that entire Hindu households go through every day before the shrines which are found in every orthodox Hindu home. How earnest the women; how seemingly reverent the men; how cheerfully present the children."  Sherwood Eddy, 1911

"From the beginning of Hindu civilization, to speak the truth, to act truly and loyally, to live in truth, so to speak, has been the never failing note in all moral teachings. ... For it was recognized that there are spirits of evil, who do not follow the law of right, 'spirits of darkness,' as they are called, which brings out in the Rig Veda the antithesis between light and darkness in an ethical sense, right and light being forever after contrasted with wrong (untruth) and darkness; as the gods of light, the sun and sky and daylight (Mitra), are physically opposed to the terror of darkness and night. ... The Hindu idea is much more ... it is morally of the greatest importance, because it emphasizes the personal family relationship between men and gods." E. Washburn Hopkins

"It cannot be denied that the early Indians possessed a knowledge of the true God"  Frederick Schlegel

"When we read with attention the poetical and philosophical monuments of the East, above all, those of India which are beginning to spread in Europe, we discover there many a truth, and truths so profound, and which make such a contrast with the meanness of the results at which the European genius has sometimes stopped, that we are constrained to bend the knee before the philosophy of the East, and to see in this cradle of the human race the native land of the highest philosophy." Victor Cousin 1828

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