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"YOU are a bit of the Universal Life set apart as an individual that you may work out your part of the Universal Plan, and progress to higher forms of manifestation. That YOU are independent of the body, and only use same as an instrument - that YOU are indestructible, and have eternal life - that YOU cannot be destroyed by fire, water or anything else which the physical man looks upon as a thing which will 'kill' him - that no matter what becomes of your body YOU will survive. 

YOU are a soul, and have a body. (Not that you are a body having a soul, as most persons think and act upon.) Think of yourself as an independent being, using the body as a convenience. Cultivate the feeling of immortality and reality, and you will gradually begin to realize that you really exist and will always exist, and Fear will drop from you like a discarded cloak, for Fear is really the thought weakening the ill-guarded Instinctive Mind - once get rid of Fear, and the rest is easy." 

Yogi Ramacharaka

The object of the Vedanta was to show that we have really nothing to conquer but ourselves, that we possess everything within us, and that nothing is required but to shut our eyes and our hearts against the illusion of the world in order to find ourselves richer than heaven and earth. Professor Max Muller

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