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A clinical trial published in "Archives of Internal Medicine" has shown that using a portion control plate helps diabetics both lose weight and decrease their reliance on medication. Type two diabetes is caused in many cases by being overweight. Sufferers often depend on drugs and insulin injections to control their symptoms. Doctors recognise that weight loss would greatly improve patients' diabetes but struggle to find an effective solution. It is known that diabetics find it even harder to lose weight than non-diabetics and yet they can benefit more. 

The six month study undertaken by Calgary University Consultant Endocrinologist Dr Sue Pederson used The Diet Plate (R) Complete Weight Management System, consisting of a specially designed and calibrated dinner plate and a calorie controlled breakfast cereal bowl that helps users eat normal foods but in healthy portions. 

The results showed that users of The Diet Plate (R) were: 

- More likely to lose weight (avg. 1.75% body weight cf. 0.05% body weight in control group) 

- More likely to be able to decrease their reliance on diabetes controlling medication (26% in The Diet Plate (R) users cf. 11% of control group) and on injected insulin (decrease by 8 units/day in The Diet Plate (R) users cf. an increase in 7 units/day in control group) 

- 17% of participants achieved more than 5% body weight loss cf. 4.5% of the control group. 

The study has very positive implications for those seeking to control their diabetes through weight management and raises the possibility of decreased reliance on health professional support. 

Dr Sue Pederson reporting on her findings said "Our overall results are comparable to similar studies undertaken using expensive weight loss drugs but with The Diet Plate (R) there is no need for close medical supervision or the risk of unpleasant side effects". 

The Diet Plate creator (R) Kay Illingworth reacted positively to the study. "For years we've been helping people to lose weight, now we've proved that The Diet Plate (R) is extremely effective and can help diabetics regain control". 

25 June

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