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Weight Loss Hypnotherapy, Slimming, Weight Release Programs

Have you noticed the increasing number of TV shows devoted to obesity and weight loss? Some of them are pretty good. Many of the techniques used would work faster and better if they also engage a Hypnotherapist / Consulting Hypnotist as a part of the weight loss team.

It would also reduce the "pain" and the "tears" of giving up all those unnecessary calories as the Hypnotherapist / Consulting Hypnotist works both with the conscious and the subconscious minds. Some of the weight programs just "hammer" away at the conscious mind. That makes the weight loss system more difficult - and when the mentors have gone away, the weight is also more likely to return. Why? Because changes have not been made at the subconscious  level.

Hypnosis for sleep Improvement

Similar principles apply to sleep improvement. I watched one program where the patient would have been an ideal candidate for complementary therapy / hypnotherapy for sleep improvement. The experts were experts ... in traditional medication ... and they provided sleeping drugs. For many cases, traditional medication may be an ideal solution. But in many other instances, if traditional experts were made aware about complementary therapies, they would not be limited to giving out medicine in each and every case.

Complementary therapies are offered in conjunction with our fellow professionals. Where beneficial to you, we may suggest a “combo” program, combining all or some of the therapies below:

For more details or to book an appointment for Hypnosis, Reiki, NLP, contact: us (some out of office hour appointments may be available from time to time) 

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