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"The World Health Organization (WHO), in its Traditional Medicine Strategy 2002 2005, has acknowledged that Traditional and Complementary Medicine (TCM) is increasingly used in the world and is a rapidly growing health system of economic importance. In many developed countries, the popular use of TCM is fuelled by a concern about the adverse effects of chemical drugs, questioning of the approaches and assumptions of allopathic (western) medicine, and greater public access to health information on TCM."

"The Ministry of Health has taken TCM development in the country a step further by introducing the Integrative Medicine program in 2006, where units providing selected TCM modalities are established in government hospitals. Three hospitals have been selected for the pilot project, namely Hospital Kepala Batas, Pulau Pinang; Hospital Sultan Ismail, Johor; and Hospital Putrajaya. Overall, there has been positive response from the public at these three hospitals. In Hospital Putrajaya, for example, TCM appointments have been made until July 2008. The TCM unit in Hospital Kepala Batas has seen more than 2,000 cases for traditional Malay massage, acupuncture and adjunct herbal treatment for cancer patients."

Above quotes from speech by YB DATO LIOW TIONG LAI Minister of Health Malaysia on the opening of The Eco Paradise Center Kuala Lumpur, 15 June 2008


Dr. O.P Yadav, CEO, National Heart Institute, It was sheer ignorance on the part of doctors in denying this great world of medication open to mankind. We were always wrong in thinking that the two practices of medicine [conventional, alternative] are at loggerheads, when actually they are complementary to each otherThe Times of India, 31 Jul 2008

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