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Job loss can make you sick, new study finds

In the face of rising unemployment and businesses declaring bankruptcy, a new study has found that losing your job can make you sick. Even when people find a new job quickly, there is an increased risk of developing a new health problem, such as hypertension, heart disease, heart attack, stroke or diabetes as a result of the job loss. 

"In today's economy, job loss can happen to anybody," said Kate Strully, who conducted the research as a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Health and Society scholar at the Harvard School of Public Health. "We need to be aware of the health consequences of losing our jobs and do what we can to alleviate the negative effects."

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Health & Society Scholars 05 09
Demography Journal 05 09

"We’re looking at the relationship between stress and ulcerative colitis flare-ups,” said Dr. Sharon Jedel, clinical psychologist in the section of gastroenterology at Rush and the study’s co-investigator. "The trial includes education about stress and training individuals in certain stress reduction techniques using alternative therapies." Rush University Medical Center Exploring the Effectiveness of Dietary and Mind / Body Alternatives, 16 June 2008


A new study shows that even slight stress and anxiety can substantially worsen a person’s allergic reaction to some routine allergens. Moreover, the added impact of stress and anxiety seem to linger, causing the second day of a stressed person's allergy attack to be much worse.
Janice Kiecolt-Glaser, Ronald Glaser, Ohio State University, 14 August 2008

NEW RESEARCH SHOWS HOW CHRONIC STRESS WORSENS NEURODEGENERATIVE DISEASE COURSE  Interventions Can Prevent or Halt Stress-Related Inflammation That Aggravate Neurodegenerative Disease, Study Shows

The evidence is accumulating on how bad stress is for health. Chronic stress can intensify inflammation and increase a person’s risk for developing central nervous system infections, neurodegenerative diseases, like multiple sclerosis (MS), and other inflammatory diseases, say researchers presenting at the 115th Annual Convention of the American Psychological Association (APA). 

Presentation: “Severe or Traumatic Stress and Inflammation in Multiple Sclerosis,” Mary W. Meagher, PhD, Texas A&M University 

Session 1157 – Symposium: Traumatic Stress, Cardiovascular Disease, Metabolic Syndrome, and Neurodegenerative Disease

Source: American Psychological Association, 17 August 2007 

American Psychological Association, 26 January 2006

Mental Stress May Be another Culprit in Raising Cholesterol Levels in Healthy Adults, Increases risk for later heart problems, According to Study,
American Psychological Association, 22 November 2005

Reducing stress helps both brain and body,
Monitor on Psychology, Volume 37, No. 9 October 2006

"Most of us live pretty hectic, stressful lives these days. ...That's why many turn to stress-reducing techniques called complementary medicine [including hypnosis]." WCBS-TV New York 18 August 2008

Stress is costing the Australian economy $14.81 billion a year as employees fall sick from workplace demands, Daily Telegraph Au 11 August 2008

Don't pass on stress to employees,
Miami Herald 11 August 2008

Audio relaxation program may help lower blood pressure

  • Study highlights an audio-guided relaxation CD with background sounds and a calming voice may lower blood pressure in elderly people.

  • The technique has been used for chronic pain, but had never been tested in the hypertensive elderly

researchers reported at the American Heart Association’s 62nd Annual Fall Conference of the Council for High Blood Pressure Research.

Millions Endure Anxiety Everyday, Studies show that only 2 in 5 seek any assistance. 

Despite anxiety and stress being one of today's most common disorders, it is regularly under diagnosed by medical professionals.

Most of us experience occasional feelings of anxiety -- muscle tension, headache, nausea, fatigue, or trembling -- before important events such as exams, public speaking, first dates, or during times of stress such as a divorce, job change or a change in residence.

However, many are also experiencing a more chronic form of anxiety, which has been linked to depression, heart disease, autoimmune disorders, and premature cell aging. New evidence suggests that negative emotions can make people crave fatty, sugary comfort foods, which promotes obesity and insulin resistance.

Source: Liddell Laboratories, 9 Oct 08

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