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Reader Question: How can I relax?

My Answer: Initially, find a quiet space where you can shut off the noisy world. If you focus all your attention on your breathing, breathing in fresh oxygen and exhaling and letting go of tensions and stresses, you'll begin to relax and you'll feel better within minutes. Practice daily for 15 to 30 minutes. Within a short space of time, even with worldly noise and chaos all around you, you'll be able to enjoy "Mind Quiet" at will.

If you need additional help, join local relaxation, self-hypnosis, Reiki or NLP classes.

Note: Always consult your Doctor as your issue may be medically related. Complementary Therapy is not a replacement for medical advice.

Also, read the additional tips below.

More ways to relax ...

  • Exercising and releasing pent-up energy ... running, walking, swimming, playing tennis, and weight lifting ... meditation, yoga (suggestions from George Mason University)

  • Laughter is the best medicine ... really! Laughter improves your well-being and provides free stress relief ...

    Laurel and Hardy or similar programs are known to be good stress busters. One person even claimed he was cured from a chronic illness as he just laughed and laughed watching every Laurel and Hardy movie he could get his hands on.

  • "We have demonstrated that the positive effects of mirthful laughter not only decrease stress and certain neuroendocrine hormones, but spontaneously increases the activity of natural killer cells that are vital to fighting and preventing disease. ... laughter serves to modulate specific immune system components. .. As medical scientists, it is gratifying and fulfilling to continue to discover objective scientific data to support beliefs that many have held intuitively for centuries."
    'A Merry Heart Doeth Good like a Medicine.' Proverbs 17:22.

    The Laughter - Immune Connection by Lee Berk Dr.P.H., and Stanley Tan, M.D., Ph.D.

We already sponsor some Community Outreach Programs free of charge. A limited number of Community and Hospital Outreach Programs can be arranged (on a costs basis) subject to availability of individual practitioners.

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Complementary therapies are offered in conjunction with our fellow professionals. Where beneficial to you, we may suggest a “combo” program, combining all or some of the therapies below:

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