Medical training and brand name prescribing, statin, cholesterol

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Physician training and brand name prescribing

Physicians in training are twice as likely to order a costly brand-name statin (used to lower blood cholesterol levels) when supervised by senior physicians who prefer those medications in their own practice.

The linkage was strongest for the most junior resident physicians in training. With brand name statin prescribing accounting for an estimated $5.8 billion in low-value spending annually, these findings represent an opportunity for improvement in graduate medical education to increase value in health care spending.

"These findings provide early empirical evidence that low-value practices among physicians are transferred from teachers to trainees, highlighting the importance of re-design of graduate medical education," said Kira Ryskina, MD, a general internal medicine fellow. "We observed considerable variation in the prescribing practices of both attending physicians and residents, suggesting room to improve cost-effectiveness."

Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. Journal of General Internal Medicine

Medical training and brand name prescribing, statin, cholesterol

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