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Scared of the big theme park rides? Try hypnosis - A British theme park is breaking new ground in its attempts to get trembling parents to join their kids on the scarier rides - with hypnosis. Reuters 28 08 09

Newton Memorial Hospital will offer the following classes: A hypnosis class for helping individuals lose weight naturally.

Losing weight, various phobias through hypnosis - Weight Reduction with Hypnosis is one of the classes on the Continuing Education schedule at New Mexico State University-Carlsbad.
Carlsbad Current-Argus 19 08 09

Breaking unwanted behaviors through hypnosis - From the evolution of 18th century Franz Anton Mesmer’s discovery of animal magnetism and other spiritual forces, hypnosis has worked its way into the medical world and scientific credibility.
Montrose Daily Press 19 08 09

Complementary Medicine ... When patients come to see Dr. Cathy Stallworth with back pain, they're as likely to get enrolled in a therapeutic yoga class, receive hypnosis or be sent for acupuncture as they are to be prescribed drugs.
The Tennessean 03 09 09

Uri Geller once interviewed Michael Jackson under hypnosis to find out whether the superstar was innocent of the child abuse allegations. "... to me this was a private validation that this poor man is innocent." Jackson was cleared of all charges in 2005. WENN 27 07 09

“It is possible that some forms of alternative medicine, such as hypnosis and acupuncture, may help eczema patients by reducing stress,” said Dr. Peter A. Lio. “The areas of stress reduction and behavior modification are promising and deserve further exploration as a means to complement traditional medical therapies.”
American Academy of Dermatology 29 07 09

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