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The Book - Anatomy of an Illness as Perceived by the Patient: Reflections on Healing and Regeneration 
by Norman Cousins (1979)

The author tells his story about his real life battle against a severe degenerating illness and against traditional medical wisdom. Medical knowledge suggested the writer was fighting a lost cause. However, the writer believed in positive thinking and this is his inspirational story of overcoming an "irreversible" illness.

The TV Movie - Anatomy of an Illness (1984). Excellent adaptation of the book. Edward Asner is brilliant as the Review Editor (Norman Cousins) battling - and winning - against a degenerative spinal illness. It demonstrates that the mind is a miracle and it is one of the most powerful healing tools you are born with. Traditional medical knowledge has a long way to go before it begins to grasp the truly awesome power of the human mind - your mind.

Anger Management - starring Jack Nicholson as the shrink and Adam Sandler as the business executive assigned by the Judge to undergo anger management therapy. Nice comedy - fortunately, that's not the way we do therapy! Instead of "radical round the clock therapy," real therapy is down-to-earth. A couple of nice truisms from the movie:

  • "Temper is the one thing you can't get rid of by losing it!"

  • "Angry music" - apart from the comedy value, in reality, bad music is not a joke.  Just as good music can be wonderfully healing; nasty music can damage your health.

Leap of Faith (1988) (true life story TV docudrama). A wonderful and heart-warming performance by Anne Archer who portrays a young woman diagnosed with cancer. She struggles with all the resulting emotions - as well as coping with family demands. Failing to receive adequate support from traditional medical providers, she turns to alternative and complementary therapy. She discovers this helps with her mental, emotional, spiritual and physical needs - in other words, a holistic approach.

The Crying Freeman - the story of an artist whose mind is "controlled"  turning him into an assassin. Typical of the 100s of "mindless and thoughtless" films, TV movies and even games that glorify gratuitous violence.

Dark Angel - Did you watch the episode where hypnotism is used to induce (covert) instant trance? Some of it was very far fetched, very far from professional hypnotherapy. Some hypnotic parts had a hint of some validity.

The X Files - Scully underwent hypnosis to recall what happened at a mass fire. Initially, she thought it wouldn't work ... but just then she goes into spontaneous regression and recovers the memories. This was obviously done in consultation with an expert in hypnosis. Realistic.

Movies from way back! The Seventh Veil (1945) using hypnosis (regression) to find answers and to resolve issues. Dated, as you would expect - but still very interesting.

And the real stuff ... what the media is saying or covering about hypnosis and hypnotherapy

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