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Reflection may run as follows:- Who am I? How is this evolved? Who can be the creator of this? What may be the material cause? And it may proceed to answer the questions thus:- I am not the body - a mere cluster of elements,- nor even the senses. I am something quite different from the one as well as the other. Things come out of ignorance, but die away on the rise of Spiritual Knowing. Aparokshanubhuti

That which is not to be, shall never be; that which is to be shall never not be - eradicate the poison of anxiety from thyself!

Attach thyself not to Karma; but equally attach thyself not to stupid inactivity and suspension of all Karma whatever;- be what your are, equal in all conditions.

Relate thyself not with the future, nor with what has gone by; live the present out with similing heart.

I expound in half a verse what has been told in a million volumes - THAT is the Truth, the world is illusion, the soul is none other than THAT.

Knowledge of the Divine dissolves all bonds and gives freedom from every kind of misery including birth and death.

That is real bliss which has no conditions; in the conditioned there can be no happiness;- the Unconditioned alone is bliss; try to realize the Unconditioned (in thyself).

That should be known as Brahman, which, beyond the gaining whereof, there remains nothing to gain; beyond the bliss whereof there remains no possibility of bliss; beyond the sight whereof there remains nothing to see; beyond becoming which there remains nothing to become; beyond knowing which there remains nothing to know.

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Hinduism - ancient wisdom for modern times. Also Mind Body Spirit Soul, Complementary Medicine ...