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Some tips for Healthy Living ...

1) Get Plenty of Zzzzzz's (Good Sleep!)

Between work, family and extra activities, it's sometimes difficult to get the recommended six to eight hours of sleep per night. Be sure to avoid caffeine or exercise right before bed. Instead try reading a book or meditating.

2) What's Up, Doc?

For both your physical and mental well-being, it's wise to have a routine annual physical examination. Especially if your family has a history of health problems, such as heart disease, diabetes or high blood pressure, getting regular check-ups can help prevent or detect serious health issues.

3) S.O.S. - Save Our Skin

As the largest organ of the human body, it is important to keep your skin healthy. And, luckily caring for your protective layer can be easy and enjoyable. There's no better way to start your day than with an invigorating, spa-like shower. Try a multi-function showerhead, such as Moen's Inspire(R) showerhead at Lowe's that will envelope you in a variety of massaging or refreshing sprays. This fixture is a great addition that will improve your showering experience and complement your existing bathroom decor.

4) Yoga (Meditation)

Yoga, an ancient practice of stretching and breathing techniques, has become a popular exercise for both men and women. In addition to releasing positive energy, yoga prevents injuries, promotes flexibility and can add relief to a stressful day.

5) Your Right for Recreation

Schedule time each week for activities you enjoy. Whether it's dinner with family and friends, or curling up with a good book, be sure to block out time on your calendar with activities that you enjoy and will rejuvenate you.

By following these simple tips, you'll be on the road to a happy, healthy, safe and balanced life.

Source: Moen

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