Cooking Safely in the Microwave Oven, Food Safety Facts

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What you should know about Microwave Foods ...

Follow the links to separate fact from fiction - it's better to be safe.

"Dr. Edward Fujimoto recommends that we should not heat our food in the microwave using plastic containers - instead use glass, corning ware, or ceramic containers. Heating food in plastic containers release dioxins into the food due to high heat. This ultimately ends up in the cells of the body. By heating with glass or ceramic containers, you achieve the same result without the dioxin contamination."

"Dr. Fujimoto suggests foods should be removed from their plastic containers and heated in a glass or ceramic dish. He also stated that plastic wrap placed over foods as they are microwaved and freezing your water using plastic water bottles will also release dangerous dioxins ..."

** Fact or fiction? Get the full story**

Cooking Safely in the Microwave Oven, Food Safety Facts
Rolf Halden, Ph.D. Department of Environmental Health Sciences,  Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

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What you should know about Microwave Foods Health and Safety

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