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More Productive Conference Calls in 10 Simple Steps 

Easy Ways to Conduct Effective Meetings Through Conference Calls 

Studies have shown that employees can spend five hours or more each week in meetings and most of those are unproductive. For small businesses, meetings with clients, prospects, vendors and staff members are a way of life. However, there is hope, Denise O'Berry, small- to medium-sized business (SMB) expert, recommends scheduling conference calls as opposed to in-person meetings. Instead of expensive business trips, workers can simply pick up the telephone as a great way to streamline schedules and maximize time. 

"Small businesses have so much to do within a limited budget. Therefore substituting conference calls for in-person meetings is an easy way to save time and money, ensuring efficient communication with all the key audiences," said O'Berry, SMB blogger and author of Small Business Cash Flow: Strategies for Making Your Business a Financial Success. "The key to successful conference calls is much the same as any business initiative - to plan your work and work your plan. Make sure you have a specific purpose for each conference call and make sure you hit your goal every time."

Conference Call Tips:

The following is a snapshot of O'Berry's conference call tips:

1. Prepare an agenda
2. Identify required participants
3. Send the agenda to all participants
4. Make sure you have the right equipment
5. Introduce the participants
6. Set some ground rules
7. Follow the agenda
8. Take notes
9. Close out the meeting properly
10. Distribute call summary to participants

Source: Advanced American Telephones (AAT)

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