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Study finds link between individual stress and adolescent obesity

Stress may indeed be a direct contributor to childhood obesity. That's according to a new Iowa State University study finding that increased levels of stress in adolescents are associated with a greater likelihood of them being overweight or obese.
Journal of Adolescent Health 05 09

Fast food and soft drinks may be making children fatter but they also make them happy. Programs aimed at tackling childhood obesity, by reducing children’s consumption of unhealthy food and drink, are likely to be more effective if they also actively seek to keep children happy in other ways, according to Professor Hung-Hao Chang from National Taiwan University and Professor Rodolfo Nayga from the University of Arkansas in the US. Their findings are published in Springer’s Journal of Happiness Studies.

The authors conclude: “Our findings suggest that consumption of fast food and soft drinks can result in a trade-off between children’s objective (i.e. obesity) and subjective (i.e. unhappiness) well-being. Policies and programs that aim to improve children’s overall health should take these effects on children’s objective and subjective well-being into account to facilitate the reduction in childhood obesity without sacrificing children’s degree of happiness.”

Chang HH & Nayga RM (2009). Childhood obesity and unhappiness: the influence of soft drinks and fast food consumption. Journal of Happiness Studies DOI 10.1007/s10902-009-9139


The 'clean plate club' may turn children into overeaters

Preschoolers whose parents forced them to clean their plates, ate 41 percent more snacks when at school. Part of this is because preschool snack time was one place where they could regain control of what they ate. Unfortunately, it was for the worse and not the better. 

Cornell Food & Brand Lab    03 09


Children's National convenes first childhood obesity symposium

Clinicians, policy leaders and scientists gathered to discuss transnational, clinical and community research successes in childhood obesity prevention and treatment

The Obesity Institute at Children's National Medical Center gathered experts from many disciplines to share ideas, failures and successes, and the future promise of prevention and intervention strategies to fight childhood obesity.

12 08


"The UK Public Health Association (UKPHA) is appalled that some UK paediatricians are proposing that doctors call in social workers to deal with obesity, or even that obese children should be taken into care. This typical response from clinically-based specialists shows a horrifying ignorance of the underlying causes of obesity –which has its roots in the social, environmental and economic fabric of society. This major public health issue cannot be dismissed as merely a failure of parental care. 

The UKPHA wholeheartedly supports the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health in their call to treat childhood obesity as a public health issue rather than a child protection issue.

Attempting to tackle the issue by sending in social workers, or taking children into care, can only add to the problems already faced by families. Although parents have a responsibility to provide a healthy life-style for their children, the wider obesogenic environment in which they live has a large impact on the choices that parents may make. 

Dr Heema Shukla, Chair of the UKPHA’s Special Interest Group on Food and Nutrition, argues that 

“Doctors as Practice Based Commissioners should look to commission a multi-component, structured intervention programme to support families with obese children to change their life-styles. 

‘This would accord with the guidance on obesity issued by NICE, the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence, which suggests a multi-component intervention that includes diet, behavioural change and physical activity. 

‘Social workers as a profession are not equipped with the necessary skills nor trained to deal with obesity. Currently structured programmes that incorporate these guidelines developed by experts in the field are available for the NHS to support families with obese children.”

The simultaneous news that over 150 children have vanished whilst in the care of South East local authorities alone over the last three years is a stark reminder that taking children away from families –even where there may be genuine child protection issues– does not solve the problem. Bowing to a practice employed by a few clinicians unable to grasp the wider and complex issues related to obesity can be damaging to the profession, the family and in particular the child. When will common sense prevail?"

06 07, UKPHA

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