TV exposing children to thousands of alcohol-adverts

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TV exposing children to thousands of alcohol-adverts per year

New research shows that children are being exposed to thousands of alcohol adverts when watching sport TV, questioning the effectiveness of advertising regulations designed to protect children.

The study found 87 per cent of all alcohol adverts during the daytime were in sport TV when hundreds of thousands of children were watching.

International research shows that greater exposure to alcohol advertising in children and adolescents is associated with earlier alcohol initiation and more problematic drinking in later life. Several European nations already have bans on alcohol advertising and sponsorship in sport and Russia implemented a ban in 2013 to fix its problematic drinking culture. Stronger restrictions on alcohol advertising and sponsorship in sport are also being considered in Ireland, South Africa, New Zealand, and the UK.

The research, funded by VicHealth, the Australian Research Council, and Australian National Preventative Health Agency, comes at a time when proposed changes to the Commercial Television Industry Code of Practice (CTICP) would see alcohol advertising permitted at 7.30pm rather than 8.30pm, and a potential doubling of alcohol advertising in sport TV during children's peak viewing times.

When asked about the proposed changes to the code, Associate Professor O'Brien said, "The research data would suggest you'd have a large increase in children's exposure to alcohol advertising. I can understand that advertisers and alcohol companies want to make money for shareholders, but it shouldn't be at the expense of young peoples' health."

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TV exposing children to thousands of alcohol-adverts

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