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As more consumers become aware of medical alternatives to health and healing, physicians and other health professionals face the challenge of deciding what procedures, modalities, and therapies might be incorporated into their practice or recommended for patients to consider through alternative health practitioners. According to a survey by Jackson & Coker, a significant number of healthcare providers are using some form of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) to enhance their own health and well-being, or they have introduced certain facets of alternative medicine into their patient care. 

Source: Jackson & Coker

When selecting a complementary therapy practitioner, focus on the issue you wish to resolve - not simply how much they charge. Your issue is never likely to be as simple as which brand of baked beans to buy. You are dealing with your mind, body and spirit - you are unique, not a mass branded cheap commodity.

Here are some things to consider:

  • How long has the therapist trained for? If a therapist is only charging you 50% of the average professional fees, that may reflect the fact that he or she may not have spent as much time and money on professional training and development as others who are charging higher fees.

  • It may also be a reflection about their confidence in helping you with issues. Would you select a brain surgeon who offers a "Bargain Happy Hour Rate"?  Mind and body therapy is very powerful - don't look for bargains if you don't want "bargain priced" results.

  • If one therapist is charging, say, 60 (or $120) and another one is charging 100 (or $200), would you automatically select the cheaper one? What if the cheaper one helps you over 4 to 6 sessions but the one charging a slightly higher fee resolves it in 1 or 2 sessions? The cheaper therapist may end up costing you 240 ($ 480) 4 sessions / 360 ($720) 6 sessions, the "expensive" therapist may cost you just 200 ($400) as fewer sessions are required.

  • Expect to pay cheaper fees when you simply select a therapist. However, when you select a practitioner who is also a certified trainer, that higher qualification, certification and experience will be reflected in higher fees.

Does it make sense to select a practitioner based on the benefits you will get (resolving your issues and helping you make important life enhancing changes) or simply "shopping" by price alone? As the saying goes, "You really get what you pay for."

For more information, contact your local Alternative and Complementary Therapy Clinic.

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